The last six months on Los Thunderlads

Since I last posted here in July, over 180 posts have gone up on our parent site, Los Thunderlads.  Particularly busy categories include Periodicals Notes, Ukulele, and Current Events

I’ve also created a number of pages of links, as a way of keeping the blogroll manageable.  So we have pages devoted to Comic Strips, Ukulele sites,  News and Periodicals,  Filters, General Interest Blogs, Language and Linguistics sites, Pictures, Artists, and Art Blogs,  Political Blogs, and Reference resources.

The blog has been getting a record number of hits, about half of them from a weird Google images result that ranked us as the top result for “burqa” because of a June post by Cymast that included a picture of some veiled women and a chunk of the rest coming from other equally weird sources.  But we appreciate the traffic.  For a while I felt people looking for images of burqas might be disappointed finding a site with only that one picture, so I added a post that linked to lots of pictures of veiled Muslim women.   That one sank like a stone, but the post from June is still pulling them in.  That’s show business, I suppose.

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